Why I’m so Happy

blessedBy: Angela Englander
March 6, 2019
People often ask why I’m so happy… Here’s my secret:
Each day I wake up on this side of the ground and I am thankful I have been gifted with another day.
I turn over to see someone I love deeply sleeping beside me and I feel very blessed.
I go downstairs and open a fridge with food inside and I’m able to take deep breaths with lungs that work and nourish a body that is receptive and working in partnership with my mind. I appreciate the privileges I have both within myself and in my surroundings and I feel so honored.
I fill up my day with conversations with the most amazing people who are working their butts off to heal and take back their lives. I am amazed and inspired by their courage to heal and take their lives back. I am honored they chose me to be on their healing journey with them.
On my dinner break I’m able to text and call and talk to friends, family and my partner who love me and care for me.
I work long days and I always feel like it is a miracle when I have made it home safely after my long drive.
Hundreds of times I take a deep breath and feel so grateful, so appreciative, so blessed. Not a moment goes by where I take these things for granted because each day, for many years I’ve seen these things taken from people. I’ve seen everything that could possibly be lost, be lost. I’ve seen the great tragedies of life, but they are not my tragedies…
So what’s my secret? I can appreciate the things others take for granted and overlook and assume will be there tomorrow. I know there is no guarantee.