1) How to I book a therapy session? Either click this link (link here for sign up form) or text us or call us (519)774-6622 or e-mail us please leave your full name, email address and phone number and our receptionist will reach out to you and set up an appointment with a therapist who will be a good match for you.

2) What should I expect my first therapy session? Your therapist will have an easy going conversation with you and begin to get to know you better. Your therapist will ask you about goals and what you’d like to achieve in your work together. You will then work as a team to create a plan for reaching your goals. You will be able to establish whether you prefer weekly or bi-weekly or as needed therapy, what type of therapy to use and how you’ll know when you’re reaching your goals. 

3) What does psychotherapy cost? Different professionals on our team charge different amounts ranging from $106.21+HST ($120) up to $150+HST ($169.50). Many insurance plans reimburse our receipts and they are a tax deduction. Your human resources department at work will be able to talk to your insurance company if you have further questions. 

4) What if I can’t afford therapy? Carizon, CMHA, your local hospitals and doctors offices, and other government funded community organizations may be available to help and they may offer free or discounted services.

5) How long is therapy and how many sessions will I need? The average psychotherapy session is 50 minutes (this allows the therapist 10 minutes to prepare and finish up notes in your hour). On average mental health professionals say it takes one year of therapy for every decade of suffering you have endured to make a thorough recovery. Talk to your therapist about your individual goals and needs though because tools and skills can provided over just a few sessions and sometimes people like to just do specific parts of their healing, take time off, and come back to do more later.