Pros and Cons of living the life you want

Pros and Cons of Living the Life you want

 By: Angela Englander

This chart can be used to calculate the pros and cons of making a choice that contributes to you living the life you want to live.


                        Doing what you want                                   Not doing what you want








Here is an example of how to use this sheet. For this example the thing I want to do is joining a weekly dance class. I’ve decided this is something I could do that would make my life happier.

                        Doing what you want                Not doing what you want

PROS -I’d meet new people

-I’d get in shape

-It would be a fun Thursday night activity

-I would improve my coordination

-I would be more active

-I would get healthier in the long-term

-I’d be alone more often

-I’d be less social

-I’d be bored more often

CONS -I might miss a shift at work

-It costs $300 for 12 weeks

-I might get embarrassed

-The other students might not like me

-I would keep wanting to take a dance class

-I would be thinking about it

-I would feel like I’m missing out

-I would keep thinking about what it would be like to take a dance class


After reading my chart I would consider the points I’d written in the pros of doing what I want and the cons of not doing what I want sections and use these to decide how strongly I want to do the activity. Then I would look at the cons of doing what I want and the pros of not doing what I want and decide how resistant I am and how much doing what I want would negatively influence my life. Using the above example the main thing holding me back would be the cost of the dance class but I see more points in the categories of wanting to do the dance class so after thinking about the choice I would do it. After finishing up the dance class series I may sit down and make another pros and cons chart about the decision to check and see if it was worth the time and money you invested to attend the dance class and if it was a good decision looking back. This reflection process will train your brain to think critically about various decisions in your life and you will begin to make choices with confidence and start living a life you want to live.