Partners for Mental Health Campaign to Reduce Stigma in the Workplace

Partners for Mental Health is a non-profit organization that is changing the way people see those struggling with mental health issues. They conduct campaigns to decrease stigma and encorage government funding for mental health services in Canada. And they do this with the help of volunteers from across the country.

Partners for Mental Health encourage everyone to take positive action and raise awareness about mental health and to support those in need.

Volunteers, non-profit organizations and businesses sign up to participate in various campaigns. One such initiative is called Not Myself Today ( The campaign aims to improve workplace policies for those dealing with mental health problems. It is also geared towards changing the way individuals and businesses see and treat those living with mental illnesses.

The Right By You ( campaign is another initiative organized by Partners for Mental Health. The goal is to supporting youth diagnozed with mental illneses and to prevent youth suicide. The teenage and young adulthood years can be very turbulent, especially for those struggling with their mental health. Partners for Mental Health encourage more government funding, more mental health services and fewer wait lists for youth.

The campaign Share Your Story ( invites people to talk about their experiences with the mental health system, their personal experiences of living with mental health challenges and their way to recovery.

Partners for Mental Health believe that recovery is possible and encourage everyone to participate in improving the lives of those affected with mental problems or illnesses.