Opposites That Can Both Be True





Opposites That Are Both True

By: Angela Englander                   July 28, 2015

This exercise is designed to help people challenge unhealthy thinking patterns and reduce black and white thinking. By challenging your mind to believe two seemingly contradicting messages at the same time your brain is learning to see things through a healthier perspective. This exercise also helps people decrease anxiety, challenge obsessive thoughts, and reduce emotional suffering. For this activity you just read the sentences below and think about how they can both be true at the same time. After reading the list, try to think of some other things that can both be true at the same time. By training your brain out of black and white thinking you will experience your life in a happier and easier way.

  • The day can be sunny AND it can rain
  • You can disagree with the rules AND also follow the rules
  • You can enjoy going out AND enjoy spending time at home
  • You can work AND you can rest
  • You can disagree with someone AND also be friends
  • You can try to change AND accept yourself as you are
  • You can be tough AND be gentle
  • You can be independent AND also want help
  • You can be with others AND be lonely
  • Someone can have a valid reason for wanting something from you AND you can say no
  • You can be a misfit in one group AND fit well in another group
  • You can have a fight with someone AND still be friends
  • You can be mad at someone AND love and respect that person
  • You can be mad at yourself AND love and respect yourself
  • You can enjoy your life as it is AND you can work to change and achieve goals