How to Improve Your Relationships? A Free Online Course on Effective Communication

The Couple Connection ( is a great online resource designed for couples and parents who wish to improve their relationships.

The two free interactive online courses

  • How to Argue Better
  • Changes for Me & Us

are availabe at no charge to anyone who wishes to learn new relationship-building skills and work through some personal issues that stand in the way of healthy relationships.

The website also offers psychoeducation materials on communication skills, healthy relationship dynamics and much more.

This onlne resourse is particularly interesting because it has been around for some time and has a good collection of articles and videos on communication skills, conflict resolution, self awareness, etc. But, perhaps, the most interesting part is the free courses that the website offers at no charge to anyone who is ready to improve their relationships and gain more practical knowledge. Once you register, you will be able to track your own progress and even work with your partner in your own private “couple” space.

Other interactive tools, such as a lively discussion board, insightful quizzes, helpful self-assessment tests and more, make leraning new skills a fun and rewarding experience.