Psychotherapist and trauma specialist Angela Vandommele from Ways to Wellbeing sets off on a mission to speak to uniformed professionals from across Ontario about their experiences of trauma and what it takes to heal. This documentary sheds light on the work related traumatic stress of first responders, military members, veterans and medical professionals, the impact of childhood trauma on relationships and quality of life, how trauma passes through generations, and what each of us can do to try and heal our own trauma as well as empowering others to choose healing.

Our team is on a mission to understand what traumatic stress is, why it’s there, how it begins, what barriers people face when trying to get help, what it takes to heal, and inspiring others to make themselves a priority and heal. You are not alone!

We are still seeking donations and sponsorship to make this documentary, if you’re interested in donating please e-mail your support and encouragement is appreciated! *Gifts and incentives will be available to donors and sponsors from January 1, 2020 until December 31, 2021.

Why This Project Matters

This project needs community support, donations, and voices to be possible. Our aim is to defeat the stigma for good through shedding light on real people’s journey’s and sharing their voices. Our second goal is to change the system in which people are facing sanctuary trauma, being retraumatized, being unable to get help and losing their lives to unhealed trauma.

We want you to know you’re not alone, you matter and your life matters, we want to be on your team and to be part of your healing journey!

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