The Body Remembers: The Physiology of Trauma

  Hello everyone, in this article I’ll be discussing trauma and the effect it can have on a persons body. Often times when a person experiences trauma it can have an effect on the relationship a person has with their body and the way they understand and experience their physical sensations. This is just one
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Trauma and Self Care

Often times when a person experience a traumatic event or multiple traumatic events they become less aware of their bodies, this is especially true if the trauma happens at a young age. Usually this will show up through a person struggling to meet their nutritional needs and eat healthy, having an inability to sleep, not
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So, What is Trauma?

Trauma is an event that is sudden and unexpected, it causes a negative impact on the person and other people involved and can have long lasting effects. Often during a traumatic event people will feel frightened, sad, alone, angry, and devastated. These are normal emotions and a healthy way to react to a traumatic event.