Ways to Wellbeing is focused on excellence in mental health, our goals are to provide information, support, and therapeutic services for people of all ages. In the future we hope to expand and increase the services we’re able to offer and also have offline services available for people who want to access that support.

Healing Trauma Documentary

Our Healing Trauma Documentary is our way to reach around the world and help people gain a better understanding of what trauma is, why it happens, what barriers people face when trying to get help and what healing truly looks like.

This documentary has a special focus on uniformed professionals (First Responders, Healthcare professionals, military members, veterans, corrections, funeral home directors and mental health professionals).

We want to shed light on their challenges both at work and in life and to change the system in place to better serve the people that are serving us.

Healing Trauma Academy

Our Healing Trauma Academy is still in progress. Our aim is to provide a variety of courses for mental health professionals, uniformed professionals, and everyone.

Healing Yourself 101 is the first course being released, trauma skills for therapists, PTSD defense program is our course for uniformed professionals, and trauma soothing skills will be our next level program in the heal yourself series.

Ways to Wellbeing Therapy

Our team of registered psychotherapists offer a variety of types of therapy. We all have specialized trauma training, many of us also work with couples and families, we provide depression and anxiety care, life transition work, and trauma therapy.

When you call, our receptionist will ask some questions to better understand what your needs are and what you’re looking for in a therapist, you will then be matched with the therapist that will best meet your needs.